From the beginning, we have been powder coating our products to make them as durable as they can possibly be. We use some of the best powder coating available on the market today and stock a wide variety of colors. If you want something with the same strength but a color unique to you, contact us about getting them done in a custom color. We have powder coating facilities locally here in Los Angeles that can make any of our products unique to you and your aesthetic. We can do almost any color imaginable just email info@bendgoods. com and let’s see what magic we can create together.


Our plated metallic finishes are the best way to take your interior design from modern and cool to chic and glamorous. Whether gold, copper or chrome, these finishes, meant for indoor use only, will give your space a shine to last a life time.


The underlying material of our wire products is steel. We bend and then weld that steel into the products that you know and love. We then sandblast the metal to clean any imperfections on the surface. The smooth finish is then galvanized or applied with Dupont fluorocarbon to make the steel more durable and suitable for indoor and outdoor environments. Though our products are very durable, the lifespan of the finish will vary in relation to the environmental conditions and type of use they are used in. Our steel line is meant for mild environments where the products do not sit in precipitation for long periods of time. The furniture should be wiped clean after rain or exposure to moisture.

Climates with high levels of humidity and constant moisture from rain or sea spray can be toxic to outdoor furniture. Luckily, our products can also be upgraded to stainless steel which is a much stronger and more durable base material with increased corrosion resistance. Stainless steel is combination of iron, chromium, nickel, manganese and copper. The chromium is added as an agent to provide corrosion resistance. Stainless Steel is the best way to keep the goods looking their best for generations to come.

Our wire is made for indoor and outdoor use. The base material is iron:
• Sandblasted to clean any imperfections on the surface.
• Hot-dip galvanized to prevent rust.
• Powder coated, for a resistant coating on the product’s surface.

Iron is a highly recyclable material. Scrap from iron can be reheated and forged again and again into a solid mass. We chose iron because of these properties, and it’s incredible strength. To help us protect the environment, please remember to take your packaging and any old unwanted furniture to your local waste disposal center for recycling.

No matter what the material (i.e. wood, fabric, plastic, metal...) all furniture requires maintenance to ensure a long healthy life. The lifespan of the material and finish will vary considerably in relation to the conditions and type of use it is subject to. To help you maximize the lifespan of both Bend powder-coated and plated furniture, we have some essential rules you should follow.

• Always store Bend furniture in dry, well-ventilated places when it is not in use

• Take every precaution to protect Bend furniture from any knocks or bumps that could cause chipping or scratching to the finish. Touch up paint should be immediately applied to any blemishes that occur.

• To prevent scratches and water retention, we recommend that you do not place decorative objects or flowerpots on any Bend wire tabletops without rubber or felt pads to prevent damage due to scraping.

• Use glides to protect furniture feet as well as floor surfaces. These prevent degradation or damage to the legs and feet resulting from unprotected contact with the ground.

• Immediately clean off any traces of bird droppings, as these can be damaging and may lead to the corrosion or staining of your furniture.

• Screws used for assembly may need to be tightened on an as needed basis based on volume of use. We recommend at least every 4 to 6 months.

Metal furniture can be cleaned using either clean water or water containing a non-detergent soap. The furniture should then be wiped dry. Abrasive sponges should not be used to scrub the furniture, and no abrasive powders or other types of detergent should be used.

Any scratches should be quickly treated. If rust begins to appear as a result of a scratch or bump, apply an anti-rust product such as Rustoleum® as quickly as possible. You can also visit a local powder coater and have your product refinished. If treated correctly the furniture should last for many years.

Our wood is sourced from oak and is made for indoor use. Moisture and heat can damage any wood finish. Always wipe up moisture promptly and dry with a soft cloth. Avoid dragging sharp or rough objects across the surface of your wood furniture. Over time, air and sunlight will change the color of natural wood. Occasionally rotate the items placed on your wood furniture to allow a more uniform color to develop.

We use Calacatta Marble intended for indoor use. For maintenance, dust the surface once or twice a week with a soft cloth. Wash the marble periodically with a cloth dampened with warm water, and, if necessary, a bit of mild dishwashing liquid. Remove the soap with another damp cloth. Never use dusting sprays or abrasive cleaners on your marble. Avoid long exposures to the sun.

For maintenance wipe the tabletop with a clean, dry cloth. Remove any spilled salt, dust and other non-sticky spills before getting the table wet. Spray water or a glass cleaner on the tabletop. Any scratches should be removable with glass polish.

Our Leather Saddle is handmade from 100% cowhide leather. For maintenance, gently brush dirt and dust from the leather using a soft brush. Dip a clean, white rag in warm water. Wring out excess water. Rub the rag on a bar of saddle soap. Work up a light, sudsy leather. Scrub the surface of the leather with a light touch. Work in small sections. Rinse immediately after each section with clean, warm water. Rinse the rag completely between each section, switching to a new rag if it becomes soiled. Dirty water or suds can cause leather to stain. Once the leather is 7/8 dry, use a clean, white rag to apply a light coat of leather conditioner.

Sunbrella® uses woven fabric made of 100-percent acrylic fibers and can be used both indoors and outdoors.Sustainable MaterialPlease refer to the Sunbrella® website for sustainability information. Care and Maintenance please refer to the Sunbrella® site for cleaning instructions.