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Bend Goods designs and manufactures chairs, tables, and furnishings for work, home and community.  

We revolutionized the wire furniture industry with the introduction of the Lucy chair, which has received noteworthy recognition with the inclusion into LACMA’s permanent collection. Our chairs are also featured in John Lautner’s architectural masterpiece, the Sheats-Goldstein residence, in Los Angeles.

We have been bending, twisting, & shaping wire for over a decade. The Bend team is a group of creative individuals who share a passion for art, architecture and design. Every part of the design & development process is carefully considered, bringing function, aesthetic, and detail together in an elegant product. We continue to push ourselves to new heights, and expand our view on design. Together, we look forward to another decade creating furniture that shapes our lives.

- Gaurav Nanda

About the founder - Gaurav Nanda

Founded in 2010 by Gaurav Nanda, a sculptor, a visual designer - Bend is a product of his interest in combining beauty with utility. As a youngster, Nanda was surrounded by creativity with parents who were both creative and had an entrepreneurial spirit.  In his formative years he began to experiment with different mediums of artwork and fell in love with pottery. Nanda's love of crafting designs from clay stayed with him throughout his life, but as he advanced in his education he encountered a life long dilemma that every twenty-something has to confront: getting a job.

Upon graduating from Purdue University, he took a position as an Automotive Sculptor for General Motors where Nanda designed and built vehicle models both by hand and by using new computer technology. This aspect of the job allowed him to understand the application of technical functionality to art and design. Sculpture and modeling were no longer just a way to aesthetically express himself, but rather a way to make his imaginative designs a reality. Seven years later Nanda found himself at a crossroads: either stay at his job and continue on the corporate track or take a risk and pursue a career in the design world. We bet you can guess what happened…

One day it struck him: furniture is functional artwork and wire is a medium easily used to form shapes and could structurally hold a person. He dived into making furniture out of wire.  A couple years, many prototypes, and a move to Los Angeles later - Bend Goods was born. Those original designs focused on integrating distinct patterns, comfort, color and versatility into furniture and accessories made of wire. As we expanded our line from one chair to hundreds of products we always stayed true to those original intentions established by Nanda.